Come and live in our community

Summary presentation of the Community Project to the Candidates

Before being a house that offers accommodation, La Viale Europe’s vocation is to welcome young people who wish to make the most of their stay in Brussels to lead a simple and fraternal life according to the Gospel.

Three pillars help us to live this project:

  1. Community prayer
  2. Fraternal life
  3. Sobriety of life

Concretely, the means taken are the following:

  1. Morning prayer (7:30 a.m.) and evening prayer (9:30 p.m.) according to the possibilities of each person
  2. Daily attention to others and – two community meetings per month, on Monday evening
  3. Sharing of household tasks (cooking, cleaning, maintenance, etc.), especially on two Saturday mornings per month

The house is managed by a manager surrounded by a council where two residents elected by their peers sit.

The contribution to the costs is €450 per month for the room and fixed costs (insurance, taxes, charges, etc.) and €115 per month for the household share (food, cleaning products, etc.).

If you think you could be part of this project, send us a motivation letter in which you briefly introduce yourself and express your firm intention to fulfill the commitments that keep the community going: prayers, meals, meetings, services, etc.